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Aurora Carpet Installation Service

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Aurora Carpet Installation Service

Out of all the components of your Aurora house, flooring is the part you use most frequently. It has to be strong and durable to withstand constant abuse from foot traffic, but it should also be comfortable, soft and inviting to touch. That’s not all it has to do—when you look at a room, flooring takes up a huge percentage of the visual space, so it also needs to look great and enhance the design aesthetic of your home. A new Aurora carpet installation offers all those benefits and much more.

If you’ve started looking around at the options available for carpet installation in Aurora, IL, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of potential choices and unsure of where to start. The team of Chicago carpet and flooring professionals at Carpet Capital can make the entire process fast and easy for you with trustworthy design, sales and installation services that can help you go from a vague idea to a perfectly-done Aurora carpet installation in no time flat.

7 Advantages of Aurora Carpet Installation for Your Illinois Home

There’s such a vast array of options available when it comes to Aurora carpet installation, each with its own unique style or features. But regardless of what type you choose, going with carpet installation instead of other flooring types offers some distinct benefits to your household. Here are seven key ways Aurora carpet installation can make your home safer, more comfortable, more attractive and even more energy-efficient.

1. Design Options

There’s a very wide selection available for carpet installation in Aurora, IL, which means the perfect option to enhance your existing interior design scheme is out there just waiting to be discovered. Your floor is an important part of any rooms’ overall look, so a new Aurora carpet installation is the ideal opportunity to put your own sense of style into your house and invest in something that will give your home your unique taste.

2. Great Value

Carpet, like any other type of flooring, comes at a range of price points that vary according to factors such as quality, type, size, material, manufacturer and so on. But in general, Aurora carpet installation is one of the most cost-effective options to get an excellent quality product installed. A carpet installation process is also simpler because there’s no need to install a vapor barrier or resurface the subfloor, so carpet installation labor cost is typically lower than it would be for other types of flooring as well.

3. Safety

Small children, elderly family members and those who are experiencing issues with reduced mobility often find it difficult to navigate a hard, shiny floor surface because they are concerned about the risk of slipping and falling. Aurora carpet installation provides a comfortable, non-slip walking surface, and if someone does fall, the underlayment and carpet provide some shock absorption qualities that can lessen injury. A concrete basement floor can be dangerous for children.

4. Peace and Quiet

When you’re trying to sneak into your house after a night out on the town, a carpet is very welcome to muffle any sound from your footsteps. But a true noise reduction advantage of Aurora carpet installation goes to anyone who happens to be on the story below. Carpet helps to prevent sound from transferring through the floor, making the downstairs space a lot more peaceful and quiet regardless of what’s going on upstairs. That’s why it’s common for second stories to be almost all carpeted.

5. Comforting Warmth

Illinois is known for frigid winter temperatures, and many people here in Aurora don’t let their bare feet come into contact with the floor for months at a time because they hate the feeling of stepping on icy-cold ceramic tile or hardwood flooring. An Aurora carpet installation provides a soft, warm, cozy surface to stand on so you don’t need to worry about getting cold feet. It’s also a lot more comfortable for children who like to sit and play on the floor.

6. Fewer Allergens

In the past, people tended to assume that carpeting would make allergy suffering worse, but recent studies have found the opposite to be true. When dust and dander settle on a hard surface like a hardwood floor, the slightest movement stirs them up into the air again. Carpet fibers actually hold on to allergens instead of letting them float back into the air, which means there’s less to be breathed in. As long as your Aurora carpet installation is vacuumed regularly, you may find that it goes a long way towards reducing allergy suffering in your household.

7. Lower Energy Usage

Did you know Aurora carpet installation could actually save you some money on your energy bills over time? Thick carpeting, regardless of the type of fiber material, increases the insulating R-value of your floor so it is more capable of resisting heat transfer, the natural process in which thermal energy tries to move from a warm area to a colder area. Heat transfer compromises the work your HVAC system does, forcing it to operate longer and use more energy—which is, of course, reflected in higher charges on your energy bill. Aurora carpet installation can lower your HVAC’s energy usage and result in energy savings over time.

Why Carpet Capital is the Top Choice for Carpet Installation in Aurora, IL

A new Aurora carpet installation is an investment in the comfort, appeal and livability of your home, and what could be more important than that? You want to know that you are getting a high-quality product for an unbeatable price that will complement your home and look great for years to come. That’s why it’s important to choose a carpet company that is dedicated to meeting—and exceeding—the highest Aurora carpet installation standards. 

The experienced team of carpet professionals at Carpet Capital has the skill and expertise to guide you through the design, purchase and installation processes for your new Aurora carpet installation so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your beautiful new floor covering. Our carpet installation services will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing every detail is being taken care of. We even handle steps such as carpet removal and hauling away the old, existing carpet material, and we’ll make sure to clean up after ourselves once your Aurora carpet installation is complete. 

110% Satisfaction Guarantee

Carpet Capital is a locally owned and operated business in Aurora, IL, and we take great pride in serving the people of our community with excellent customer service and an unwavering dedication to quality. We want you to love your Aurora carpet installation for years to come, and we want you to have the satisfaction of knowing you paid the best possible price for carpet. That’s why we offer our 110% satisfaction guarantee on many of our products. If you find a better price from one of our competitors for the same product within 30 days after installation, we will refund 110% of the difference! If that offer doesn’t give you confidence in your carpet purchase, what will?

Call the Aurora Carpet Installation Experts at Carpet Capital Today

Ready to get started on a new carpet installation? Aurora, IL homeowners and those in other parts of the greater Chicago area can rely on the team of professionals at Carpet Capital for expert design, sales and carpet installation services. Pick up the phone and call 331-227-7387 to chat with our friendly customer service representatives and find out more, or schedule a FREE in-home estimate so we can find out more about your unique flooring needs. We’re ready to meet your needs for everything from carpet to hardwood and luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aurora Carpet Installation

If you have questions about Aurora carpet installation or would like to know more about our other reliable services, call us to speak with our friendly customer service staff and find out more. You can also find our replies to some common questions below.

Do I Need a Replacement Carpet Installation, or Just Carpet Repairs?

This is a good question because it doesn’t make sense to rip out your old carpet and put in a brand-new one if you just need a basic carpet repair service. On the other hand, it’s a waste of time and money to fool around trying to repair something that is well beyond saving and really needs carpet replacement. In our professional experience, it really comes down to the nature of the damage and how extensive it is.

If there are instances of damage that are widespread across the majority of a room, repair just isn’t going to cut it. The main goal of carpet repair is to conceal damage and leave the repair completely invisible, but if numerous small repairs are needed across a large percentage of the surface, the result will not be satisfactory and the whole thing will look “off.” 

The other factor to consider is cost. People tend to assume that repair is less expensive than replacement because of the lack of material costs associated with a typical Aurora carpet installation. However, that’s not necessarily the case. If numerous small repairs or major work is required, it will be time-consuming and therefore costly. In a situation where repair would actually cost more than replacement, a new flooring installation is obviously the best choice.  

Can You Install a Carpet I Bought Somewhere Else?

At Carpet Capital, our Aurora carpet installation services are exclusive to the products we sell from our trusted vendors at Shaw Floors and Mohawk Floors, so we can not install a carpet that was purchased elsewhere. However, we do have a wide range of choices available for carpet installation. Aurora, IL homeowners can count on us to find, deliver and install the perfect option to flatter your home and increase the comfort of your family.

How Long Does Aurora Carpet Installation Take?

The exact length of time it takes to handle Aurora carpet installation is, of course, going to vary based on factors such as:

  • Size and shape of the room
  • Condition of the subfloor
  • Whether carpet removal needs to be done
  • Underlayment and carpet type/carpet styles

In most situations, you can expect Aurora carpet installation to take somewhere between half a day and a full day, so it’s best to plan to be available for the entire day of your appointment. 

Do You Offer Financing Options for Aurora Carpet Installation?

Yes, we offer 0% interest-free financing for up to 48 months. Please give us a call to speak with our knowledgeable customer service staff if you’d like to find out more about the details of our financing options. 

How Do I Get Rid of “New Carpet Smell” After Aurora Carpet Installation?

When a new roll of carpet is installed, it’s unwrapped and unrolled for the first time since leaving the manufacturing plant. That causes it to release an odor that is caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from chemicals used during the manufacturing process. While this is quite normal, it’s not necessarily an odor most people appreciate having in their house.

The good news is that it should fully dissipate within about 24 to 72 hours after carpet installation. Aurora, IL homeowners can and should help the smell make its departure by ventilating the room with open windows and/or ventilation fans. If the smell isn’t totally gone in a couple of days, try sprinkling the surface of the carpet with baking soda and let it sit for 24 hours, then vacuum it up.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Use the Room After the Installation is Complete?

It’s completely fine to walk on a carpet right after it has been installed, and some people recommend doing so to help make sure all the adhesive is pressed down. However, that adhesive does need time to dry and cure before heavy items like furniture are placed on it, or the carpet may end up looking uneven or indented. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before placing furniture and other items on your new Aurora carpet installation.

You guys are a class act. Not only did you beat the price of every other quote I had, but you did great work. I highly recommend 651 Carpets and will send anyone I know your way. I’m very happy I got a quote from you before starting my project! – Adam
Brian was friendly and polite, professional without being pushy. Very patient when we kept putting off the installation date. The carpet was lovely to look at and soft to touch. Wish we had done this years earlier! We would highly recommend this company. – Stacy
I would like to express my extreme gratitude for a recent transaction i had with your company. Your website was well formatted and very informative. Most importantly, your associate, Brett, went well above and beyond with his service. – Heather
Thank you for the coming out to our home and helping us decide on the right carpeting. You and your crew did a wonderful job!!! – Brad & Kim
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